Brenton's Hope

Population: 60 (20 children, 4 brewers, 6 paladins, 5 priests, 2 blacksmiths, 3 tanners, 1 cooper, 1 cartwright, 1 midwife, 1 barber/surgeon, 1 lord mayor, 5 retainers, 10 Bandits)

The surrounding hex has 200 additional people working on farms, growing corn, wheat, and raising cattle.

Important NPCs:

Brokennose Ed, bartender/brewmaster

Lord Mayor Osric Stronghand

Nyssa Heathbringer, Captain of the Guard

Charlie Pierce, Head Priest of the Hawk

Old Lady Clark, Head Priest of the Dove

Felix Cole, Head Priest of the Raven

Steel Pearson, Blacksmith

Doc Francis, barber surgeon


Brenton’s Hope was the site of a great battle between factions of the Last King’s armies as the Empire collapsed, and much of the old infrastructure was destroyed. The temples remained standing, but in the Years without Light religious doubt turned the citizens against one another and threatened to cripple the city. The arrival of the Invaders from the East led people to rally behind their old gods, and the priests regained power.

The town is currently patrolled by Paladins, and while the gatehouse is in disrepair with loose stonework and shoddily built walls, the temples of the town are well maintained. Part of the Temple to the Hawk was burnt down recently in a goblin raid, but the faithful are working diligently to repair it.

The town pays tribute to the Stag Lord, and he allows it to stay standing, protecting it from goblins. The town provides the bandits with a steady source of food, as well as manufactured metals, leather, and especially alcohol.

10 of the Stag Lords men live in an abandoned racetrack, keeping their horses in the stables. They keep themselves seperate from the townspeople, though a few have been known to enjoy a drink in the small tavern run by the brewmaster.

Bull’s Horn

The main tavern in Brenton’s Hope is the Bull’s Horn. It is the centre of village life and is host to any large meetings and gatherings. The Bull’s Horn caters mainly to the townspeople and the rare trade caravans that pass through. The barkeep, Broken-nose Ed, casts a questioning eye on any strangers in the bar but keeps the cabinets well stocked.

The four long tables and six round tables in the large main room can accomodate almost the entire village.

On an ordinary night fewer than 8 people are present, and they sit clustered around the bar on stools playing dice games.

Town Rumours:

The road south of Lance Keep isn’t safe – if you get that close to the Shattered Bay you’ll run into ghouls. (T)

The silver veins in the caverns north of here were never tapped out, but the creatures in the mountains killed the last prospectors. (T)

The Eastfolk usually send their shipments down the Thorn River to the Stag Lord, but last week a few horses took alcohol to the north. (T)

Oleg left Brenton’s Hope five years ago when Osric came to power. He refuses to give in to the Stag Lord. (T)

The Old Coast Road is in much better shape than the Sundown Trail, because the Empire enchanted the entire length to resist the flow of time. (F)

The Fangberries south of Tuskwater are the best, handsdown. (T)

The Stag Lord made a pact with the dead to protect his fort, and Father Cole is offering a bounty for his death. (F, on both accounts, although there are skeletons around the Fort)

There is a pagan Temple of the Elk god to the northwest, but the Paladins have been too preoccupied fighting goblins to find it (T).

The worst of the Goblin raids come from the Kossoch Pines, but the hills to the south can’t be overlooked. (T)

The soldiers at Lance Keep are usually reclusive, but they sent an expeditionary force to Goldrock Mountain with two wagons.

Brenton's Hope

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